Ruuvi Cloud
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Ruuvi Cloud

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Activation code(s) will be sent to your email after payment.

Total: 17,40

Ruuvi Cloud makes it possible to remote monitor your Ruuvi sensors over internet.

Remember that:

  1. Ruuvi sensors are always free to use via Bluetooth.
  2. You need a Ruuvi Gateway router to transfer sensor data to Ruuvi Cloud.
  3. Ruuvi Gateway can be used with Ruuvi Cloud Free plan or configured to relay data to your own server or Home Assistant.
  4. Paid Ruuvi Cloud plans include several useful features such as remote alerts, cloud history storage, and more.

Select a Ruuvi Cloud plan that best suits your needs.

Plans & Features

All plans support multiple Ruuvi Gateway routers, so you can have only one Ruuvi account, but Ruuvi sensors and Ruuvi Gateways spread across multiple locations.



0 € / month
Simple live monitoring

10 min update interval

Sensor sharing (without history)

Widgets (Android & iOS)

Supports up to 25 sensors



2,62 - 2,90 € / month
History & push alerts

5 min update interval

15 min interval for >24 h history

3 months history in Ruuvi Cloud

History export (CSV & XLSX)

Sensor sharing

Widgets (Android & iOS)

Push alerts (Android & iOS)

Supports up to 25 sensors



8,91 - 9,90 € / month
Up to 50 sensors

1 min update interval

15 min interval for >24 h history

3 years history storage in Ruuvi Cloud

History export (CSV & XLSX)

Measurement report (PDF)

Sensor sharing

Widgets (Android & iOS)

Email alerts

Push alerts (Android & iOS)

Cloud connection alerts (if sensor goes offline due to dead battery or any other issue)

Delayed alerts (with adjustable delay)

Priority support

Supports up to 50 sensors

Upcoming features:

Alerts to multiple recipients *

Instant messaging alerts *

Improved sensor sharing *

Improved history storage *

More business features coming



Up to 100 sensors

More info coming



Over 100 sensors

More info coming

A 6-month Ruuvi Cloud Pro activation code is delivered to each Ruuvi Gateway product. Meaning, if you order two Ruuvi Gateway routers, you get 6+6 months of Ruuvi Cloud Pro completely free of charge.

Ruuvi Gateway can send data to a third-party server via HTTP/MQTT or can be used with Home Assistant integration without monthly fees.

Note: All Ruuvi Cloud plans are designed for non-critical uses only. Although we keep the services working as well as possible, 100% availability and data retention cannot be guaranteed. Ruuvi Cloud Consumer plans are designed for private use only. Reselling Ruuvi Cloud plans isn’t allowed. Ruuvi reserves the right to change pricing and feature selection. Contact for any enquiry about special use needs of Ruuvi Cloud Consumer & Business plans.

* Upcoming features

  • Upcoming features are planned features that are not available yet. Ruuvi regularly informs about new software updates on Ruuvi Forum.

Save up to 10%

Save 5-10% by selecting a longer plan.



€ / month
5-10% discount

6 months:

2,90 €

12 months:

2,74 € (-5%)

24 months:

2,62 € (-10%)



€ / month
5-10% discount

6 months:

4,90 €

12 months:

4,66 € (-5%)

24 months:

4,41 € (-10%)



€ / month
5-10% discount

6 months:

9,90 €

12 months:

9,41 € (-5%)

24 months:

8,91 € (-10%)

Frequently Asked Questions
How does activation work?

Once you have completed your order, the Ruuvi Cloud activation code(s) will be automatically sent to your email.

To activate the codes, first sign in to the Ruuvi Station web interface at

Then tap the user profile icon in the upper right corner and select My Ruuvi Account from the drop-down menu. This page shows activation instructions and a field where you can enter the code from your email.

I don't have a Ruuvi Gateway router. Do I need a paid plan?

No. Using Ruuvi sensors via Bluetooth is always free.

A free Ruuvi account is created on your first sign in on Ruuvi Station mobile app.

It’s possible but not recommended to use the app without signing in. Signing in has many benefits even if you wouldn’t own a Ruuvi Gateway. If you sign in, your sensor names, background images, offsets and alert settings will be securely stored in the cloud and they will be restored automatically from the cloud in case of an app reinstall.

Can I enter multiple activation codes?

Yes you can. But only if the codes are of the same type. That is, you cannot enter, for example, a Ruuvi Cloud Basic code and a Ruuvi Cloud Pro code.

It is safe to enter, for example, two 6-month Ruuvi Cloud Pro codes and that would give you a total of 12 months of Ruuvi Cloud Pro use.

Note that you cannot have totally longer than 30 months of plans activated in your Ruuvi account. Meaning, you cannot activate a 24-month plan if expiration date of your old plan is not within the next 6 months.

Can I cancel for free?

Yes you can.

We don’t charge any extra cancellation fees.

We also follow guidelines of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

Can I switch my plan?

Yes you can.

However, be advised that if you activate a different type of a plan compared to your currently active plan, you’ll lose the currently active plan and the new plan will start immediately.

More detailed instructions about this is available on the activation page on Ruuvi Station web interface. For more info, see the other FAQ topics and also the activation help page in the header menu of this page.

In the future, we are aiming to make it possible to migrate a smaller plan to a bigger one without completely losing unused time of the smaller plan. Please note that this feature is not implemented yet. If you need to switch to a bigger plan before the feature is available, contact us by email.

Why Ruuvi Cloud is not free?

Ruuvi Cloud is free to use with limited functionality.

If you don’t have a Ruuvi Gateway for remote monitoring, you don’t need a paid plan.

If you’ve a Ruuvi Gateway, you can still choose to use the free plan. But to use all features, a paid plan is required.

There are significant costs associated with product development, continuous maintenance, data transfer and data storing in the cloud, and for this reason, offering all features free of charge isn’t a commercially feasible option.

We try to keep the prices as low as possible, but still at a level that enables us to maintain and develop the service to be even better in the future.

If you want to have more features but without paying, you can configure your Ruuvi Gateway to relay its data to your own server or use Home Assistant.

Is VAT included?

Yes. Prices include value added tax (VAT).

If you’re a EU company, enter your valid VAT number on checkout and you’ll be able to buy without tax. Finnish companies don’t need to add their VAT numbers.

If you or your company reside in a non-EU country, you won’t pay VAT, but pricing remains the same.

Can I use Ruuvi Gateway without Ruuvi Cloud?

Yes you can.

The Ruuvi Gateway can be configured to send data using HTTP(S) and/or MQTT(S) protocols to any custom server.

Also Home Assistant supports Ruuvi sensors and Ruuvi Gateway.

Is Ruuvi Cloud secure?

Ruuvi Gateway routers transmit data from nearby Ruuvi sensors securely to the cloud using the HTTPS protocol. Only the assigned owners of the sensors can access the data stored in the cloud.

All Ruuvi products (RuuviTag + Ruuvi Gateway + Ruuvi Cloud + Ruuvi Station apps) have been also tested by Traficom’s Cyber Security Centre.

“The Cybersecurity Label tells you that the device you have bought meets our information security requirements and protects your data against the most common threats on the internet.” Source: Traficom

Can I use multiple Ruuvi Gateway routers simultaneously?

Yes, you can, and you don’t need multiple Ruuvi accounts.

It also doesn’t matter if two Ruuvi Gateway devices are within range of the same Ruuvi sensor, so you can improve signal coverage by increasing the number of Ruuvi Gateway routers in one or more locations.

Note that Ruuvi Gateway routers aren’t linked to your Ruuvi account, but instead route data from all nearby Ruuvi sensors to the Ruuvi Cloud, where only the assigned owners of the sensors can read the data.

This is why it is important that you claim ownership of all your Ruuvi sensors with the Ruuvi Station mobile app (requires to sign in first). Even if you don’t have a Ruuvi Gateway router.

Are activation codes linked to the email I used to purchase them?

No they aren’t.

The activation codes are unique and they can be used to activate or extend a subscription on any Ruuvi account. Keep them safe until used.

Can I use Home Assistant without or with Ruuvi Cloud?

Yes you can.

Home Assistant officially supports Ruuvi sensors via computer’s own Bluetooth adapter and also via Ruuvi Gateway router.

You can let your Ruuvi Gateway to continue relaying data to Ruuvi Cloud even if you’d access your sensors also using Home Assistant.

Which plan should I buy?

Select a Ruuvi Cloud plan that best suits your needs. Paid Ruuvi Cloud plans include remote alerts, historical data storage, sensor sharing and other exciting features. We’re actively developing Ruuvi Cloud and other Ruuvi products to be even more versatile by inventing and publishing new improvements and features regularly.

Can I use Ruuvi Cloud without a Ruuvi Gateway?

Remember that Ruuvi sensors are always free to use via Bluetooth and declaring ownership of your sensors doesn’t require a paid Ruuvi Cloud plan. By signing in on Ruuvi Station, a free Ruuvi (Cloud) account is automatically created.

Please note that only original Ruuvi Gateway routers are able to send data to Ruuvi Cloud. That is, in order to benefit from the paid subscription plans, you must have at least one Ruuvi Gateway router near the Ruuvi sensors. In addition to the Ruuvi Cloud, Ruuvi Gateway routers can also be configured to forward sensor data to your own servers. Note that also Home Assistant officially supports Ruuvi sensors and Ruuvi Gateway.

Do I need paid plan to view sensors shared to me?

The Ruuvi Cloud subscription affects the features available in the sensor owners’ account. Viewing shared sensors doesn’t require a paid plan.

What happens if my plan automatically switches to Free mode?

If you don’t enter a new activation code before your paid plan expires, your account will automatically switch to Free mode and you will lose access to the measurement history data of your sensors stored in the cloud. You can access the history data again after entering a new activation code.

Really important: Please note that we periodically clear the history data of Ruuvi accounts that have Free mode activated. Therefore, we cannot promise exactly how long it will be possible to keep your account in Free mode until the history data is cleared.

You can export your sensors’ history data by pressing the “Export CSV” button next to the history diagram in the detailed sensor view of the Ruuvi Station web interface.

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